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Default Re: Timeless Beauty Wins

We are very pleased and honoured to say that the Judgment of Paris has won its category in the FFFWeek Awards, as posted here. The final numbers haven't been listed, but the final update of the tally that we saw indicated 596 votes for the site.

We are deeply, deeply grateful to everyone who cast votes for us, and to everyone who posted voting requests on their Facebook pages and on other forums on our behalf.

Ultimately, this victory is a measure of two things:

1. The generosity and dedication of the site's friends and readers.

2. The popularity of the plus-size models, actresses, and a dazzling singer (ChloŽ Agnew) whose work is tirelessly praised on this site. Really, the Judgment of Paris is simply a frame for their beauty. One hopes that the industry will see this result as a measure of how effectively those talents connect with the public, and will feature these gorgeous and genuinely full-figured goddesses--the modern embodiments of the timeless beauty ideal--in their campaigns.

We also wish to offer a special note of gratitude to the organizers of Full-Figured Fashion Week for nominating the site for this award.

Once again, thank you all, most sincerely, for your time, effort, and support.

-Titian, Venus with a Mirror (c.1555)

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