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Default Interview with Kelsey Olson

Once upon a time, there was a castle and a princess.

The castle featured mighty turrets and soaring towers that reached up into the clear, cloudless sky.

The princess had big blue eyes, long golden hair, an angelic face, and a soft figure. She was kind, and sweet, and very, very beautiful.

Christmas had come to the kingdom, and the land was adorned with Yuletide trim. Magic was in the air, and fantasy was in every heart . . .

* * *

It sounds like a fairy-tale, doesn’t it?

While this story was unfolding, we ourselves thought that it was merely a dream, and that at any moment we would awaken and the vision would disappear.

But no. It actually happened. There was a castle and a princess. This dream came true.

Last Christmas, we were thrilled and honoured to meet Kelsey Olson--the most gorgeous plus-size model, the very embodiment of the feminine ideal--for a one-on-one, in-person interview.

Over the course of an afternoon and early evening, Miss Olson told us about her modelling career to date, disclosed many intimate secrets about her personality and character, shared her thoughts about the most pressing topics related to size celebration, and explored the cultural heritage that has blessed her with timeless beauty.

For a few blissful hours, we left the world of today and entered the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.

Where did it happen? What was Kelsey like? How did she look? What did she say?

Read on and find out . . .

* * *

This profile will appear in three parts, the first of which is linked below. To mark the publication, we kindly received a special gift from Miss Olson to share with her fans--a never-before-seen swimwear image showing Kelsey looking like a goddess incarnate. This is quite simply the most beautiful swimwear image that we have ever seen, and provides a wonderful teaser for the interview.

Prepare to meet the prettiest angel of them all.

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- Click here to read the Kelsey Olson interview

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