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Default Re: Interview with Kelsey Olson

First of all, I have to agree that that swimwear image is gorgeous. Kelsey looks soft-figured, yet very shapely and feminine; curvaceous, yet legitimately plus-size. She has the most ideal physique of any plus-size model.

As for the interview itself, I've already read it twice, once earlier today, and once just now, more slowly, taking it all it. Even just with one part online, it's already my favourite Judgment of Paris interview ever. It makes me twice as much a Kelsey fan as I was before- if that's possible. She seems so kind and considerate and thoughtful, but lively and fun as well. She comes across exactly as I always imagined she would, based on her lovely images.

I can't believe how serendipitous it all was- Kelsey personally resembling Sleeping Beauty, even having shot a Princess Aurora editorial, and having Disneyland right there in California with a Sleeping Beauty Castle in its center, as if it were sitting there just waiting for the interview to happen. It's like it was meant to be.

I found this vignette from Kelsey to be utterly adorable:

"When I was three years old, my biggest memory with my dad was when I got really, really sick, and I woke up, and I asked my dad to watch Sleeping Beauty with me,” she recounted fondly. “We ate celery sticks with peanut butter.”

That's so sweet. I'm grateful that she shared that memory with all of us. It's lovely.

On the other hand, I found her to be very real and compelling on questions about body image. I loved what she said about resolving never to appear in a diet ad or any other kind of starvation/torture propaganda:

"I don’t think I could do something like that. I don’t feel that I, if I was a young person having role models, would want someone I looked up to to be doing something like that. It wouldn’t make me feel like I was doing something right, you know?"

That's characteristic of Miss Olson. She's not just thinking about herself, the way so many people do these days. She's thinking about others. That really is a noble personality trait, an old-fashioned and wonderful value.

But my favourite moment in the interview had to be this lighter exchange:

“You just kind of relax and do your thing,” she elaborated. “But no, I take a while [to get ready].”

“In front of your mirror.”

“Exactly,” she testified, smiling, knowing where my thoughts were taking me.

“Because you can’t tear yourself away from it.”

“Right.” Playing along, she added the most exciting statement of the entire afternoon. “Yeah, it’s just soooo amazing. I say, ‘God, you are fantastic, Kelsey. Really.’” She paused, then added for effect, “And then I kiss the mirror and I leave.”

I don't blame the interviewer for having a heart attack when Kelsey teased him with this vision! It's a really vivid idea. I would love to see Kelsey do a photo shoot like that someday- admiring herself in a mirror, and even kissing her reflection. What a gorgeous picture that would make.

I loved every word of the interview, and can't wait for part two.
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