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Default Re: Interview with Kelsey Olson

Words cannot express the beauty of that swimwear image.

As a long-time lurker at this forum, I've been a Kelsey fan for years, so I'm delighted to be learning more about her. She's so interesting to read about, and I think we're all really lucky that she took the time to let her fans know more about her.

It was fascinating to learn a bit about what makes her such a great model. One passage especially stood out to me in that regard -- when she described her technique, which could be called "method modelling":

“Then you think, what would you do if the photographer were someone that you were trying to attract? And why are you trying to attract them? Is it a sexual thing, or is it just, ‘Oh, I need you.’ You know what I mean? There are different elements.”

Method actors and actresses don't just deliver the lines on the page, but go beyond the script and think of a biography for the characters that they portray, and ask questions like why their characters are doing what they're doing in a scene, what their motivation is, what they did just beforehand, what they'll do right afterward, etc. Part of Kelsey's brilliance as a model, then, is that she adopts a similar technique with her pictures.

I think that's why her images seize the emotions the way that they do and involve the viewer so much. With each picture, she doesn't just strike random poses, but tells a story in miniature, and creates a persona.

Amazing talent -- equal to her stunning beauty.
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