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Default Re: Interview with Kelsey Olson

Having read this interview, I find that I now "see" Kelsey's pictures with so much more depth than before. I truly love her personality. She's insightful, good-hearted, and sounds like she has an upbeat, positive attitude. Very likable, and no doubt delightful to be around.

I enjoyed the setting of the interview and how it gave the discussion a theme. As a fan of fairy-tales, I really appreciated how reverent Kelsey is about the great Walt Disney and his vision:

“It’s a shame, because this is what it should look like,” Kelsey affirmed. “I think that was the whole point of his design, was to make it this magical thing, and to take elements of the frontier, and Fantasyland, and just kind of make it this really magical place for people. I think it’s great.”

I wish more people had that kind of idealism. It seems so right that Kelsey is a romantic, and not a cynic.

For me, the funniest bit was when, after Kelsey received some praise, she asked her interviewer if he "wrote these things down." That's what many girls will ask when a man pays them a big compliment ("Oh, did you write that down before you said it?"). But of course in this case, the answer was very obviously "yes" - a whole forum of such written comments, in fact! It's funny that Kelsey forgot that for a moment.

“Do you write these things down?” Kelsey asked of my penchant for giving compliments.

The irony of her question hit us both at once.

“As a matter of fact, I do,” I pointed out, holding up the printout of my first Kelsey-related forum post.

“Yes,” she acknowledged, laughing.

“It’s funny you should say that,” I proceeded, as if explaining something that she didn’t know, “because it just so happens that I have a whole Web site where I write things like that—”

“—all the time,” we finished in unison.

That sounds like it was a hilarious exchange for both parties.
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