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Default Re: Interview with Kelsey Olson

I really adored the little personal insights about Kelsey that this interview offered. I've always admired her for her beauty, but this profile humanized her and made her very relatable too. She sounds like a wonderful person in every way.

I love what she said about taking her time with getting ready before going out, that that is when she gets to relax and have some time for herself:

“Oh, no,” she said with a chuckle. “No. No, getting ready is ‘my time.’ Some people meditate or go jogging; I get ready.”

The background stories behind her modelling shoots were really interesting, like the fact that she models to music when she does her costume campaigns:

“The photographer that I’ve shot with for those—not for Torrid, but the other company—he works with children, so if it’s Cinderella, he’ll put on classical, waltzy music, so it’s really fun,” she reminisced. “And he’s a really animated guy, and he’s super funny.”

I wish there were a video of that. I didn't know that photographers played music during shoots to get their models in the right mood. I'm sure that Kelsey looks very graceful when she moves in time to Strauss waltzes.

The best, though, was how she narrated her Figure magazine shoot on the sailboat. Her description made me feel like I was right there as part of the experience. Kelsey's admission that she's scared of sea creatures, and then had to confront the sight of them mating right in front of her in the water, was great:

"That was really, really amazing,” she said in a dreamy manner. “And it was this 1962 sailboat. They don’t even make boats like that anymore. We got to go out… I am horrified of sea creatures and sharks, so I thought, ‘Oh, my gosh.’ And it was summer, and they come there, and they mate, and it was just… That was so much fun. I’ve never really gotten to do something like that. It was kind of like a vacation but with someone taking pictures. And Miami, it’s really beautiful there. You see why people live there. And it’s hot. It was just hot. It’s so beautiful. It’s so lush there.”

What a fantastic experience.
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