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Default Re: Interview with Kelsey Olson

I loved the interview, but I really wish that Kelsey would recognize and acknowledge her own beauty. It just goes to show how messed up the world is, when it comes to women and body image, if even someone like Kelsey (who is as lovely as any girl can possibly be) still sometimes doubts her own attractiveness. This proves how overpowering the pressure to be emaciated is, if it can even touch someone like Kelsey, who should be beyond any self-doubt.

I respect Kelsey so much for helping to combat the very forces of size-negativity that plague even her.

Paradoxically, though, I admire her for her humility, which is a very genteel and classy trait. Someone who is truly beautiful doesn't need to shout it or insist on it. It's obvious to everyone around them, and it's a mark of their graciousness and generosity that they allow others to sing their praises -- as Kelsey allowed the interviewer to do. I was very glad to hear that she appreciates the things that people post about her on the forum. It's a privilege to give her the praise that she deserves.

Others have quoted some of the best exchanges in the interview, but here are a few smaller comments that I thought were nice. I liked how she described her childhood home:

“Well, La Verne is very, very old,” she explained, “And it was an orange town. The downtown looks a bit like this. My house was built in 1901, so it kind of has this look to it.”

It seems so right that Kelsey should have grown up in a venerable house with a touch of historical character, and not in a modern, box-like structure. Perhaps those turn-of-the-century surroundings even helped to awaken her aesthetic sense at a young age, for the interview shows that she loves beauty in all of its forms.

And I'm sure that everyone here enjoyed the revelation that she knows about and appreciates Lolita fashion:

“I mean, I think it’s great,” she admired. “You go on these Web sites and you see all these little girls, and they’re super cute, and they put so much time into it…”

I'm not surprised that Kelsey admires the craftsmanship and prettiness of it.

She's even more enchanting than her gorgeous pictures would have led one to believe.
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