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Default Re: Interview with Kelsey Olson

One of the things that I loved about this interview was that it embraced a more meaningful interpretation of Walt Disney's vision for his theme park than what one usually encounters. These days, people associate the Disneylands and Disney Worlds with children's characters, but Disney's original idea was something more deeply cultural -- a trip back in time to a bygone, more beautiful era (from the 19th-century, represented by Main Street U.S.A., to the Middle Ages, represented by the medieval castle), and a hearkening back to the more life-affirming values of those past ages.

I liked the reference to Disneyland as "an outpost of the Old World in the New, occupying several acres of American soil like an embassy from the land of myth."

That photo of Sleeping Beauty's Castle is stunning. That's the first time I've ever seen it with the California mountains in the background. For a moment, I actually thought that it was Neuschwanstein amid the Bavarian Alps. The castle's lineage is evident.

With her Old World beauty, her traditionally curvy figure, and her sweet disposition, Kelsey was the ideal model to be profiled in such a setting. The whole experience has a touch of fairy-tale magic about it. She is a treasure.
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