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Default Kelsey interview, part II

Once upon a time, there was a princess and a castle . . .

* * *

In the first part of our interview with Kelsey Olson--the most beautiful plus-size model in the industry today--we went a-progress through her modelling career and gleaned fascinating behind-the-scenes information about her celebrated shoots. We also offered tantalizing hints about Miss Olson's personality--hints that left her fans eager to know more about this dream of beauty.

Everyone wishing to discover who Kelsey really is, as a person, will be thrilled and delighted by the second part of the interview, linked below. In this section, the model opens up about her character and discloses many intimate secrets about herself. Miss Olson doesn't hold back, at times even musing aloud whether she should be revealing so many candid details. But Kelsey is at once both ideal and real, an unattainable goddess of beauty and a friendly, easygoing, forthright girl, so her candour and sincerity are a part of her nature.

Later in this section of the interview, Kelsey tackles numerous difficult and challenging "conceptual" questions about body image, art, heritage and culture. Her responses are thoughtful and significant, and at one point she expresses what may be the most profound opinion that anyone has ever offered in a Judgment of Paris interview.

This is the shortest, but meatiest portion of our profile of Miss Olson. Fans of Kelsey, and all aficionados of plus-size beauty . . . prepare to learn everything that you have ever wished to know about the fairy-tale princess of plus-size modelling.

Intimate, unguarded portrait (by Stanley Debas):

- Click here to read Kelsey interview, part 2

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