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Default Re: Kelsey interview, part II

I agree that Kelsey's quotation about beauty is deeply insightful and compelling.

I was especially intrigued to discover her ethnic heritage. I had always been curious about that. With her fair features, how perfect that she be Danish-German:

“Yeah, my dad’s side is Danish.”

“Danish,” I exclaimed. So that was the secret to her Nordic look.

“And then my mother’s side is German-Russian, so Catherine the Great, you know, the movement of the Germans to Russia.”

“Yeah, that’s my family,” she informed me. “Escaped that war, and—”

“That’s so exciting.”

“Yeah, so it’s big Vikings and Germans and Russians, resulting in this big, white lady,” she said with a chuckle.

I love the fact that she actually knows about her heritage and family history. So many people today are cut off from their European roots. But Kelsey's ethnicity is obviously a part of her identity. I'd even wager that the same part of her personality that enables her to be so appreciative of the ideal of beauty, of fantasy, and fairy-tales, is also what endows her with her appreciation of culture and heritage. It's all tied together, part of the same rich, traditionalist impulse.

My own favourite quote in this part of the interview comes at the very end, when Kelsey talks specifically about the importance of one's heritage to one's identity:

“Well, you should always know where you come from. That’s you. That’s who you are, and your family, and why you were raised the way you were raised. If I look a certain way, there’s a reason for that, because that’s who I am. I think it’s important that people know about those things. Why would you want to keep yourself from that?”

She recognizes the significance of her look, and feels that it connects her to something bigger than herself. It's a very unmodern and noble way of thinking, and I admire her very much for it.

Goodness, it's amazing how perfect a setting Disneyland turned out to be, given the themes that came up in this interview.
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