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Default Re: Kelsey interview, part II

I adore every word of this interview. It shows that Kelsey is not only the most beautiful plus-size model, but the most likable too. I am so grateful that she shared so much of herself with her fans. It was very generous of her to do so.

I was thrilled to read the passage in which Kelsey talked unashamedly about her love of eating:

“Are you a gourmand? What are your favourite foods or desserts?”

“Oh, my God,” she whispered, indicating that she was very much a foodie. Then she spoke the magic words: “I love eating.”

If I hadn’t realized it before, I knew it then—I was truly in paradise.

“Do you?” I asked dreamily, wanting her to say so as often as possible.

“Oh, yeah. I’m a huge diner. I love to eat and drink. I love Italian food. All of it. Anything that’s just… Well, sometimes it’s a little much. Italian food, it’s just really intense, so my girlfriend and I, we go out all the time (which I totally should not do)…”

“Of course you should,” I said quietly.

“No, we’ll just go out. Thai food, just, everything. I always try everything.”
Nothing is a greater expression of size celebration than when a gorgeous plus-size model talks openly and unabashedly about her love of food. Such statements can do so much good in helping girls overcome a society-induced stigma about having a hearty appetite, and help them develop a natural, enjoyable relationship with food.

A statement like Kelseys can help girls free themselves of media-driven guilt, free themselves of their inhibitions, and learn to actually enjoy food and enjoy life, instead of starving and depriving themselves.

I wish more full-figured models would come out with such statements, instead of practically sounding like they have to make excuses for being curvy. No mixed messages here - Kelseys comments are 100% positive.
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