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Default Re: Kelsey interview, part II

Going back to what Emily said about how Kelsey values her roots, her heritage, I was also really struck by how close-knit she seems with her family. The example that she sets in this regard, for young girls, may be just as valuable as her influence in fostering positive body image.

She mentions it twice at least:

I feel like Im a good friend, and I have a very close family, she went on. Im very family-oriented. My family are my best friends, and my friends are part of my family.

[. . .]

"My friends and my sister and my brothers friends are all incredibly, incredibly close with my family. My mom and dad, my brother and sister are the most beautiful people youll ever meet."

I was also very pleased to hear that her mother, whom Kelsey calls her "favourite person in the world," never ever pressured Kelsey to starve, but supported her unreservedly. (By the way, I loved the picture of Kelsey with her mom and her sister. It was adorable!)

Kelsey herself indicates why this emphasis on family, and having a nurturing family environment, is so important:

"Its very sad, because you have these people who are idolized, like your Lindeys, and its, like, Youre 22 years old. Where are the people who care about you?

How true. When you think about the Lindsey Lohans and other Hollywood celebrities, with their dysfunctional family lives, it's sad how easily they fall prey to self-destructive habits, from drugs to diet-starvation, and engage in crude, vulgar behaviour. What a terrible example that sets for young women. Kelsey's admirably traditional values provide a preferable alternative to this, as they do in so many areas.
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