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Default Re: Aspiration comes in size 16+

Another obvious problem with this practice is that when plus-size-industry professionals discriminate against larger models, those professionals invalidate their own ability to push for the use of any models above straight-size standards, even the faux-plus ones, because they leave themselves open to charges of hypocrisy.

Let's say that an agent tries to justify the use of faux-plus models by claiming that such models are "aspirational" for genuinely full-figured girls. Apart from the colossal offensiveness of that position (because it assumes that smaller is somehow "better" than bigger, which is a disgusting belief for a plus-size agent to have), it invalidates his own ability to push for any curvy girls. Having excluded fuller-figured plus-size models, if he then asks a magazine or client to use a faux-plus model instead of a straight-size girl, then that client can shoot back at him with the words, "Hey, YOU discriminiate against bigger girls, so why can't I? If you reject size-18 girls, then why can't I reject size 12s?"

If there's any part of the industry where discrimination against fuller bodies cannot be tolerated, it's in plus-size divisions. If they don't combat size bigotry, then they have no business existing in the first place, and all of fashion should just be represented by size-0 skeletons.

The "skinniness is aspirational" argument is an offense when it's used by straight-size pushers, and it's even more disgusting when it's used by plus-size professionals, who, of all people, should reject it, because it's exactly what's kept all curvy models down from the beginning.
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