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Default Re: Media causes eating disorders (article)

I truly think that women become slaves to these kind of magazines, even from a young age, and start to take their dieting and eating advice as gospel.

I have two sisters, one is 14 and the other 15, and they both worry about their weight, starve themselves, and think that they are f** (and they aren't even so much plus size). It is disturbing when girls at this age already worry about such things, all because of the media machine that brainwashes them into thinking that the thinner they are, the better. They see magazines with popular celebrities and right away think that they must conform to that ideal in order to be happy and feel good about themselves.

The biggest deception arises from the fact that these magazines appear happy and harmless. After all, they are all trying to help you get "the body of your dreams", no? People do not perceive the danger coming from them, nor can they recognize them as a bad thing.

It because of magazines like these that most of today's women cannot even stand the look of themselves without makeup. They have been led to hate their natural look.
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