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Default Re: Kelsey interview, part II

Everyone has commented on the more serious aspects of the interview, but I have to say, something that I've really enjoyed in both parts have been the moments of humour. Kelsey sounds like she has a really sunny disposition and a great sense of humour, and because of her, this profile includes more genuinely funny moments than any past interviews on this site.

Kelsey sounds like she almost gagged when the interviewer admitted a childhood fondness for Jell-O.

“Ugh! Can’t do Jell-O!” Kelsey scoffed, evidencing obvious distaste. “Ugh! No!”

This was also a funny exchange, with Kelsey so eager not to be seen as vain (because she really isn't):

“You did put up one of your Alfred Angelo bridal pictures,” I stipulated.

“Those are… That was so beautiful. That was done in the Hamptons. I was sweating. I’m sorry, that was gross, but…”

I laughed at the unexpected comment.

“Sorry, it was so hot there. That’s funny. All these behind-the-scenes…”

I leaned toward the voice recorder and stated, with great emphasis, “Kelsey finally admitted that she’s hot.”

“No, no.”

“She just talked about how hot she is.”

Now Kelsey leaned toward the recorder. “Wrong! Absolutely wrong.”

Truly, though, Kelsey is far too modest. She should recognize her own beauty. When she was asked what she appreciates about her own look, I enjoyed her reply:

"There are things that I like. Like my eyes. They’re very expressive. And I like my mouth. It’s pretty.”
So true.

Oh, and this was a passage that I found charming. I could completely picture this moment in my mind, and I'd probably have been just as befuddled, sitting across a table from Kelsey:

“Okay, now we’re going to have five minutes where I just look at you, and—”

“Ohhhh, my God.”

“I’m kidding. I’m kidding,” I stressed—although the idea was very tempting, and if I could have gotten away with it, I would have.

It would be hard to concentrate on anything, being in Kelsey's presence, and not just spend the whole time admiring her beauty.

By the way, I love the audio excerpts. It's wonderful to hear Kelsey's voice - not to mention the ambient music! In the "My mom has gone through issues" passage, there's a distinctive Disneyland song playing in the background. I don't recognize it, but you can definitely tell where the interview was held {grin}. It's a nice touch.
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