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Angry Re: Media causes eating disorders (article)

Salaam and hello! My name is Karen, and I am a new member of this incredible forum. I have been reading through the forum posts and looking through the artwork and model galleries for some time now, and I am so appreciative of the hard work that the forum members have done to bring true beauty to light and to help women accept their own beauty.

This post is especially interesting. It is sad that it takes "studies" to wake people up. Some have denied the negative impact that these magazines have on people, and it is high time we stop blinding ourselves. What exactly is attractive about these images? Were men not proud at one time to have a round wife to show off, showing others that he was able to feed and care for his woman? Were women not happy to have a strong, muscular husband?

When we see images of Holocaust victims or starved children in Palestine, Ethiopia, etc., do we think "Oh, how couture!" or do we think "Those poor, suffering people"? I have never envied the emaciated victims featured in certain documentaries, nor have I wished to have a child who mirrors the children in ads for charity. What sane person would want to suffer and allow their children to suffer?

It is utterly disturbing that similar images are actually accepted as beautiful and desired. A starved model, with some makeup, a horrifying hair style, and a tacky outfit can make women fall into bouts of low self-esteem, even depression. Some women have died trying to achieve this unhealthy and, quite frankly, ugly, standard, and many others have come close to death. I wonder if the thin-supremacists ever feel guilty about the pain they have inflicted upon the masses of women who have had this unattainable standard shoved before their eyes on a daily basis.

I pray that the increase in positive plus-size media will help more women see that healthy, happy people have meat on their bones and have no need to starve themselves and endanger their lives to achieve an unattainable, unattractive standard.
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