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Default Re: British designer's size bigotry

Ah, the fashion industry with the mask off - what an ugly world it is, with what ugly people in it.

Beyond what Meredith has pointed out, I take something else from the article as well.

The whole rationale for steadily decreasing the size of plus-size models to the size of yesterday's straight-size models has purportedly been to make plus-size models more palatable to the thin-supremacist "mainstream" fashion industry, resulting in a few token appearances in magazines.

(Let's leave aside for a moment the fact that this is in and of itself extremely offensive, as it perpetuates the myth that skinnier is somehow "better.")

But this article, showing how the fashion industry really thinks, demonstrates that this has been a fool's ploy. The mainstream fashion industry will never accept plus-size models. (Not unless plus bookers keep shrinking "plus-size models" until they're size 4!)

The bookers who have been diminishing plus-size models have been doing so to kiss up to people who hate womanly curves. What's the point? What a misguided thing to do. All that this has done has been to alienate the plus-size public, and to make full-figured women ever-less-able to identify with plus-size models, as the plus-size models have grown smaller.

Instead of offending the full-figured public by shrinking plus-size models to the point where they're nowhere nearly plus (all for the sake of a straight-size industry that hates plus-size models), full-figured fashion should instead simply say "good riddance" to the curve-o-phobic side of the business, and start booking TRUE plus-size models, genuinely and visibly full-figured models size 16 and up, to please its own customer base.

Think about it. Here are the options. Will plus-size fashion try to please:

(a) straight-size designers who hate womanly curves, or
(b) full-figured customers who love womanly curves?

The latter is the only sane choice. If the plus-size industry chooses the former, then it displays just as much prejudice as the straight-size industry itself, and makes itself no better.
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