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Default Re: British designer's size bigotry

Here is a splendid response to the British designers prejudice. It comes from a former magazine editor, she she definitely knows what she is talking about:

The title sets the tone:

Size six? No, the fashion thin-dustry is the joke

By Fiona McIntosh 20/06/2010

When I was editor of a fashion magazine eight years ago, it was common *knowledge models lived on a diet of Marlboro Reds and Diet Coke.

Oh, and drugs. There were a lot of drugs around...

You werenít even *considered for a job *modelling on the catwalk unless you could see a rack of ribs and a couple of hip bones.

Weíd constantly send girls back to their modelling agencies because they didnít look beautiful, they looked in need of an ambulance.

So why, we asked the agencies, did they have wasted girls on their books? It was the designers who demanded skinny girls, they told us.

That would be the male designers who wanted their girls to look like pre-pubescent boys. No prizes for guessing why.

Which is why I am thrilled the cult of Size 0 is over. Druggy, wasted, bony girls look sad and in need of help.

No woman in their right mind wants to look like a cadaver. In hard times we want a more comforting shape and if that means filling out to a size 12 or 14, then thatís fine by us.

Any girl who is a whopping size 10 or a hulking size 12 is, *according to *Julien, ďlooked down on, frowned uponĒ.

By whom exactly, Julien? ...By the kind of male fashion *designers who run a mile at the sight of *bosoms. But what Julien hasnít *realised is that no one cares what he thinks any more.

If Julien and other male designers donít wake up to the fact we need and want to see healthier models, itís not Size 12 girls heíll be laughing at on Britainís Next Top Model.

This time the joke will be on him.

It is always helpful when someone who used to work in the industry turns whistleblower and admits what we all know - that the models are not "naturally" skeletal-looking; theyre poisoning and starving themselves to turn into such unnatural shapes. And whats more - they look hideous. There is no beauty whatsoever in emaciation. Such models dont prompt feelings of aspiration, but repulsion.

The down side? While the tone of the article is right, I see no evidence that the "cult of size 0 is over". Not yet. Not by a long shot. Models on the runways still look anorexic (because they still are anorexic), and the same designers whom Fiona McIntosh castigates in this article as still calling the shots.

The Israeli approach - out-and-out banning underweight models - is the only viable solution.
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