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Default Re: Timeless Beauty Wins

One of the many reasons why Full-Figured Fashion Week has been such a success, and has won such widespread support and enthusiasm, is due to its high production values. FFFWeek has a look of quality about it, a high aesthetic standard that makes everyone associated with it proud to be part of such an event.

This high level of quality even extends to the Full-Figured Fashion Week Awards. The Judgment of Paris was honoured to receive such an award at the FFFWeek grand finale on Saturday night, and here is what the physical object looks like, alongside a computer showing our recent Kelsey Olson interview:
Click to enlarge

Very attractive, isn't it? The FFFWeek Award is a piece of clear crystal that is 6 inches wide, 6Ĺ inches tall, and 2 inches deep. The lettering is engraved on the back, facing through the glass. It is a beautiful tribute to the models whom the site has celebrated throughout its existence.

Click to enlarge

It was a great privilege for us to receive the award from Ms. Gwen DeVoe herself, the creator and organizer of the event. Full-Figured Fashion Week only exists due to her creative efforts and tremendous personal investment of time, energy, and capital. To receive such recognition from an individual who has so profoundly benefitted the cause of size celebration was a singular honour.

Click to enlarge

Notice the attractively cut edges of the marker, and the beveled plinth, the facets of which catch the light in an elegant manner. The FFFWeek committee took special care in designing these awards to make them worthy tributes to the talents and efforts of their recipients.

Click to enlarge

On Friday, the day before the grand finale, fellow award recipient Yuliya Zeltser (of Igigi) warned us that the organizers might expect each winner to say a few words. We quickly jotted down a few remarks and gauged the length of our comments on the duration of the other recipients' speeches. As the other winners expressed two sentences apiece, we did likewise. The bolded portions of the following text represent our actual comments at the event:

I would like to sincerely thank the FFFWeek committee for nominating the Judgment of Paris for this award, and I would also like to express my gratitude to the many dear friends and loyal readers who voted for the site.

In receiving this award, I feel that I am merely acting as a proxy, accepting it on behalf of the individuals who truly deserve all of the credit for the site's viewership; and those are, of course, the lovely plus-size models, past and present, whose images the Judgment of Paris has celebrated for the past 12 years: Kelsey Olson, Shannon Marie, Barbara Brickner, Kailee O'Sullivan, Christina Schmidt, Katherine Roll, Justine Legault, Lindsey (who walked in the show on Wednesday night), Caralyn Mirand, Whitney Thompson, and, of course, the curvaceous lead singer of Celtic Woman, ChloŽ Agnew.

It is their images, their work, their art that has drawn people to the site throughout the years, and to them goes the honour.

They prove that even in this modern world, which is often hostile to traditional aesthetic values, timeless beauty can still manifest itself in human form. Their popularity demonstrates that an appreciation for the Classical aesthetic ideals that historically governed Western culture, giving it form and purpose, still lives on in the human heart. Those ideals can yet be restored to cultural prominence.

The crucial point to remember is that there are no "Judgment of Paris" fans per se. Rather, there are thousands of Kelsey fans, and ChloŽ fans, and Barbara fans, etc. In voting for our site, these aficionados expressed their support for these living icons of timeless beauty.

Here is Miss Thompson holding her own award ("Runway Model of the Year"), which indicates the scale of these lovely objects.

Click to enlarge

Once again, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude to everyone who voted for the site. The goddesses who appear at the Judgment of Paris are the ideal representatives of Classical beauty in the present day, and they deserve every bit of recognition that they can get.

- Full-Figured Fashion Week

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