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Default Re: Justine Legault: Soft and gentle

Just yesterday, Ford Toronto released new Polaroids of its star model, Justine Legualt--Polaroids that are so beautiful that they take one's breath away. Only someone with true supermodel beauty could create snapshots as gorgeous as these, all the lovelier because they are so simple and natural.

The eye is drawn immediately to the full-length image, which offers an enticing indication of the model's gorgeous figure. The wardrobe styling is excellent, featuring Justine in an attractively abbreviated skirt in a very pretty floral pattern. Although the location is urban, the background is a neutral stone colour, like the backdrop for a sculpture in a museum, and the warm earth-and-leaf hues of the skirt, punctuated by floral reds, convey an impression of the natural world, even in this city setting. The skirt suggests the womanly fullness of the model's hips and reveals her gorgeous legs. (When a model has legs are soft and attractively untoned as Justine's, miniskirts are practically mandatory.) The sash is an appealing touch, indicating the waist without compressing it in any way, and is wonderfully colour-coordinated with the skirt. Justine's pose is relaxed and casual, endowing her with a gentle and approachable quality.

A closer shot demonstrates why Mademoiselle Legault is now more gorgeous than ever. Her increased beauty is due to the magnificent length of her honey-blonde tresses, so thick and luxuriant, which cascade heavily, lazily over her shoulders. This romantic waviness reinforces one's impression of the model's own sensually passive nature. The white top clings lovingly to her figure, defining her generously buxom contours. As noted before, Justine's beauty is so stunning that she could easily be an intimidating presence, but she has perfected a range of poses and expressions that soften her bearing and make her seem accessible to the worship of mere mortals.

The profile shot is more playfully provocative. Justine's voluptuous curves are boldly displayed, yet the viewer also perceives an alluring touch of fullness at the waist. Even the model's arms, which sometimes appear thin, display a hint of more substantial softness. The hairstyle is weighty and romantic, cascading like the golden mane of a true goddess, the lone curl draping over her shoulder being a bewitching touch. Conscious of the allure of her pose and the luscious proportions of her figure, Justine more openly displays her vanity in this image, proudly gauging her effect upon the viewer, pleased to see how her beauty has humbled him and made him her adoring servant.

Whether in her splendid editorials for Clin d'Oeil and Coup de Pouce or in her simplest test images and Polaroids, Mlle Legault is easily one of the most gorgeous models in the industry. With her longer tresses and growing repertoire of soft, gentle poses, she becomes more irresistible with every shoot.

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