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Default Brazilian plus-size models

Like most everyone else, I am sick to death of faux-plus models being passed off as plus-size, both in Europe and in America. Recently, however, I was pleased to discover the existence of a growing plus-size industry in Brazil, where the models apparently tend to be more genuinely full-figured.

A post on a Brazilian Web log alerted me to an exciting new photoshoot by photographer Spartacus Breches which showcases some of Brazil's top plus-size models in editorial-style images.

The pictures are extremely sensual and very, very size-positive.

The standout images are the half-nude demin photos. (I've posted links to larger versions below the pictures.) You can definitely sense the fullness of the model's figures, especially the girl with the gorgeous profile, on the left, whose name is Andrea Boschim.

The most size-positive of all of the pictures is this one, which celebrates the sensuality of the models' bodies, especially Andrea's. She has such pretty curves along her back, and such a soft waist. Hers is what a true plus-size model's physique should look like, and this image show how lovingly such a figure should be photographed.

This picture shows Andrea in a cute swimsuit. This image showcases the soft fullness of her arms and legs.

In the next photo, Andrea stands beside the one other interesting model in this campaign, Mayara Russi. I love the fact that the picture displays the visible swell of Ms. Boschim's abdomen, a very natural and beautiful roundness such as many full-figured women possess. Images like these show that such attributes are beautiful.

Here are two cutouts of Mayara and Andrea. You can see the seductive fullness of Mayara's soft waist.

An artistic portrait of Andrea, in a pretty top that emphasizes her buxom contours.

This headshot of Mayara displays the gorgeous fullness of her face, along with another attractive feature -- a smooth neck area with no visible clavicle.

These Brazilian models are truly lovely, and what's especially exciting about them is the fact that they look legitimately plus-size. Kudos to the photographer for emphasizing their curves and their fullness rather than minimizing their beautiful, womanly shapes.
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