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Default Re: Brazilian plus-size models

The Web log that Meredith linked in her post notes that this shoot was meant to publicize Brazil's second annual plus-size "fashion weekend," which will be taking place in Sao Paolo in just a few days - on July 23rd and 24th.

The event seems to be inspired by FFFWeek in the U.S., and will feature a plus-size runway show. It has a Web site,

but unfortunately the information is in Portuguese. Still, the gallery offers a number of fine images. I love how authentically curvy the models are, with full arms and generous waists.

This appears to be Mayara Russi, one of the two girls in the photoshoot noted above. I'm not crazy about the outfit, but the model herself is beautiful:

Pretty girls all around.

It's nice to see that such an event is taking place in Brazil. Hopefully, it's another sign that the acceptance of larger bodies is spreading around the world. I just wish that plus-size models in the U.S. were as curvy as these Brazilian beauties!
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