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Default Re: Brazilian plus-size models

I just discovered the most amazing video on YouTube. It features Andrea Boschim co-hosting a plus-size fashion show on what appears to be Brazilian TV. The styles are fantastic - bridal lingerie and bathing suits - and among the models in the show is Mayara Russi.

Andrea looks very pretty as the host in a tight pink sweater. But the high point is Mayara's segment. She enters at 4:42, and is by far the fullest-figured and most desirable of the models in the show. She models a one-piece swimsuit - and does she ever model it! She looks so ultra-confident with her luscious, abundant curves. At 5:12, the video offers a clear view of her sensually curvy back, which must be the most seductive visual that I have ever seen on television in my life. Her physique is so soft, so full - it's the very definition of femininity. Her arms are also round and alluring.
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