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Default Re: Brazilian plus-size models

Andrea, Mayara, and a couple of other Brazilian goddesses recently appears on what appears to be a Brazilian equivalent of a TV talk show, like Tyra or Oprah. The girls were introduced, said a few words each, and then, in subsequent section, were joined by several skinnier models. I'm guessing that there was some sort of debate between the two groups.

At any rate, the second of the eight video clips (the first being just a brief intro by the host) is the most interesting. Andrea is introduced at 0:12, and looks very glamorous. Mayara is then introduced at 1:52, and her even richer, fuller figure evokes tremendous enthusiasm on the part of the studio audience.

Mayara's hairstyle is gorgeous.

Later, there's an on-location video at 6:02, featuring especially luscious shots of Mayara from what appears to have been Brazil's "Fashion Weekend Plus Size" at 6:13 and 6:32.

The rest of the videos from this show aren't really worth viewing, as it's all just talk, although there are a few nice close-ups of Andrea and Mayara, and another heart-attack-inducingly gorgeous shot of Mayara from the FWPS at 3:16 in section four.

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