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Default Re: Justine Legault: Soft and gentle

One more image from Justine's soft and gentle test series has turned up, and it may surpass all the rest in sheer attractiveness.

Mlle Legault's eyes resemble pools of crystal-clear water from a mountain lake. Her blonde tresses cascade over her face and shoulders, gently caressing her apple cheeks. Her skin glows with its own inner light. Her pink lips, tenderly parted, are full but natural. Her expression is mildly bemused and intrigued, yet delicate and non-threatening. She knows that her dazzling loveliness humbles the enraptured onlooker, so she generously allows him to gaze upon her for long, long, blissful moments, to drink his fill of her beauty, soothing him with her soft fairness.

She seems to have stepped out of a dream of heaven, this goddess-on-earth, who is surely one of the most beautiful women who have ever inhabited this terrestrial sphere.

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