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Default Re: Mayara & Andrea: New images

Mayara Russi and Andrea are part of a modelling group in Brazil called "Top 5," which, as far as I can tell, is a loose affiliation of five Brazilian plus-size models for the purposes of publicity.

The group has just released brief introductory videos of each model. Here's Mayara's clip. I wish I could understand a single word she says, but she looks great in a fitted red top that attractively defines her full waist.

Here's Andrea Boschim's video. She always wears such nice outfits.

Now, here's a follow-up video that's a lot of fun. It's an outtake reel showing the models making mistakes during the filming of their respective clips. Watch for several glimpses of Mayara that show off her stunning size-20 figure, and even a shot at 0:43 where she appears to be in a state of undress (!), covered only by a pillow.

Ah, that warm Brazilian climate...
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