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Default Re: The Banishment of Beauty (video)

The only shortcoming is that the creator should have hired a voice actor to do the narration. It would have had more of a punch. Otherwise, it's a completely brilliant series.

High points for me included:

Part 1 -- at 11:17, when the narrator describes the honest, untutored appreciation that a group of teenagers expresses when they look upon a lovely Bouguereau painting.

Part 2 -- in this, the best section, I loved the opening "junkyard" scenario for determining that modern art truly is rubbish. Also, the narrator provides a very insightful way at 6:17 of demonstrating that beauty does exist and is empirically recognizable, simply by the fact that its opponents exclude it so precisely:

To consciously avoid creating something beautiful must, in itself, be an admission that such a thing exists and can be recognized generally. How else would you make something purposefully not beautiful if you did not think beauty existed?

This part also includes a statement that clearly reveals the parallel between the suppression of Classical beauty in art and the suppression of Classical beauty in fashion:

Beauty is not merely disdained, but actively oppressed, suppressed, and literally banned from the halls of our most esteemed temples of art and culture.
That is exactly the predicament that faces plus-size beauty vis-a-vis the modern fashion world.

Part 3 -- a powerful conclusion in which the narrator notes that it is no wonder that the modernist art establishment suppresses beauty, since beauty is such a powerful threat to their hegemony.

Part 4 -- this section features a fine exposť of the modern art world as a colossal racket, a Ponzi scheme, in which everyone is invested in perpetuating the lie that frauds like Picasso are "great" artists, because the value of their paintings depends on the propagation of this absurdity.

An excellent series of videos. Thank you for posting it.
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