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Default Re: Lindsey - Belk F/W 2010

Belk seems to have taken a shine to Lindsey, which is wonderful to see.

Moreover, they're not shooting her to make her look faux-plus, like the other models, but authentically curvy. Consider the image on the right, below. It actually shows - amazingly - a soft curve at Lindsey's waist. Lindsey's curvy middle is her most attractive figure feature, but it's a sign of genuine size celebration for a retailer to show it off. Bravo! It's a fine example of how an "ordinary" commercial image can actually be quite affirmative and beautiful, and make a pro-plus statement.

Eyeshadow Plus Size Sequin Tee

Now, here's a piece that I really like. Unlike some of the other items in the Belk collection, this sweater has a really vibrant colour. Wearing such a shade means that a woman wants to be noticed, even in a professional context. Also, I really love Lindsey's pose, with her flirtatious glance.

Eyeshadow Plus Size Tie Back Cardigan

This third new item is another cardigan which comes in a host of colours. Very pretty smile.

New Directions Plus Size Waterfall Cardigan ?off=64

Wonderful pictures, all.
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