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Default Re: New Whitney Thompson interview

My respect for Whitney, which was already great, went up even higher after reading this interview, in which she bravely and courageously calls out the industry on its disgusting, size-bigoted practices, which are more than merely discriminatory; they actually ruin women's bodies, health, and lives, and even lead to death. That this is allowed to go on is absolutely criminal. Whitney is the only person in fashion who even comes close to communicating the scope of the problem.

I think this statement says it all:

Q: You spend a lot of your time speaking on college campuses.

WT: I do work things around speaking. That's what I book first, that's what fills up my calendar and then I kind of fill it in with modeling. Because modeling is great too and it's important that I keep up my modeling career or else I won't be a role model. So I still do that all the time, I've been working a lot. But I love to speak.

She puts the activism first, and modelling second. She has her priorities right.

What a contrast this is to most people in the fashion industry. Even people in the plus-size fashion scene often end up getting co-opted and turn into industry apologists, and just end up promoting clothing - as if that's such an important thing [/sarcasm]. And then these fashion "fans" turn around and speak in patronizing tones to those individuals who are doing something actually important and meaningful, which is fighting size discrimination.

I like pretty clothing as much as the next person, but there's no question that stopping girls from starving themselves and women from hating themselves for their natural figures is WAY more important than peddling frocks. Whitney, at least, has the right perspective about this.
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