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Default Re: New Whitney Thompson interview

The key to remember, though, is that the statements in the article, and Whitney's talks, are the right kind of campaigning for plus-size models; that is, it's not all-purpose activism for any cause under the sun, many of which are divisively political. What Whitney describes in the article is the very specific kind of campaigning that plus-size models can and should do, which is to fight for size celebration, to combat curve-o-phobia, to denounce the thin-supremacist mindset.

It's a focussed kind of campaigning on the one, specific cause that defines a plus-size model's identity. It's not random politicking. There's a big difference.

Another example of this kind of marvellous, pro-plus campaigning is whenever a true plus-size model (size 16 and up) produces images that showcase her full-figured beauty, as Kelsey Olson did in her recent test.

Plus-size models should never lose sight of their true cause (size celebration), and be distracted by other random bits of activism, any more full-figure fashion bloggers should reductively focus on nothing but clothing, and lose their of what is truly important in the industry, which is the promotion of larger bodies in fashion and the media.
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