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Default Kelsey Olson at Kohl's

Imagine my delight as I was browsing the Kohl's site today and discovered a picture of Kelsey Olson modelling an Apt. 9 Embellished Top.

And wow, what a picture it is! Kelsey looks absolutely stunning in this photograph. This may be even more gorgeous than her recent test photos. Nobody, but nobody, could make a product image look as beautiful as this.

I love the way her hair flows in the wind, like the golden tresses of an angel. Her arms are soft and shapely. And you can sense the curvaceous fullness of her waist.

She is without a doubt the most beautiful of all of today's plus-size models. She actually looks curvaceous - and more attractive than any other model, of any size. I prefer this amazing photograph to any tear sheet in any magazine.

I hope we'll be seeing more of Kelsey at Kohl's.

Here's a larger version:

And a link to a wallpaper-size version:
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