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Default Re: Kelsey Olson at Kohl's

I just discovered another image of Kelsey on the Kohl's site. She's shown modelling an "Apt. 9 Geometric Crinkle Blouse":

I would never have believed that anyone could have made this item look as gorgeous as Kelsey does. Her buxom figure gives the blouse a sexy, feminine shape. That's why she's the perfect plus-size model - everything looks so good on her womanly proportions.

That soft, flowing blonde hair is heavenly. With her babylike, round facial features, she always resembles something out of a dream. She's fun and youthful, with zest and energy. She's an angel, but an angel with a bit of mischief. It's a pleasure simply looking at her pictures. I always feel like if I select for myself what she's wearing, I'll acquire a little bit of her charm.

Even shot against a simple backdrop, she always makes me believe in her pictures, because her poses are so natural. She's the best at striking "non-pose poses" - stances that seem completely fluid and taken from life.

Truly an incredible beauty. Here's the wallpaper-size enlargement:
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