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Default Plus-size season of ANTM?

Here's some (possibly) exciting news. An all-plus-size-model season of America's Next Top Model appears to be in the works.

The following news item indicates that planning for such a season has already gone so far as seeking special guest judges, including Christina Hendricks, who plays thin-but-curvaceous secretary Joan Holloway on Mad Men.

Here's the info:

Good news for Mad Men fans about to suffer withdrawal symptoms as the curtain comes down on series four – we might be seeing Christina Hendricks aka Joan Harris- as a judge on America’s Next Top Model.

When The Sun’s Buzz magazine spoke to ANTM catwalk coach J Alexander –aka Miss J- the runway diva revealed that he and head judge Tyra Banks are keen to get hour-glass actress Christina to guest judge on a special plus-size series of the modelling show.

“We would love to have Christina on if we do the special,” says Miss J. “Even if it’s a short cycle, she’s a great role model for women. She really embraces her body.”

Such a season could be a good thing. The only potential downside is that ANTM has historically only featured faux-plus models. Even Whitney, while gorgeous, was a size 12 at best.

IF (and this is a big "if), however, the season were to include true plus-size models -- size 16, 18, for example -- then it could be utterly amazing.

And for heaven's sake, no models under a size 12.

ANTM has already had an all-petite-model season, although the opportunities for petite models in the industry are extremely limited. Plus-size modelling, on the other hand, is an entire recognized segment of fashion with established modelling boards. It is high time for America's Next Top Plus-Size Model.

(So long as the models will be truly plus-size.)
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