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Default Re: ''Picture Me'' exposes fashion-industry abuses

The Picture Me film has a web site, with links to the DVD and a slew of media articles about the project.

The revelations in it are horrifying. I can't believe that people can become numb to the weight abuse that this industry perpetrates.

I find it especially disgusting when models, just for the sake of their own selfish career interests, become apologists for an industry that they know is so toxic to young women.

This reminds me of a behind-the-scenes video from one of the seasons of Project Runway. (I can't remember whether this was already posted on the forum or not.) It shows the models on the show literally passing out on camera, due to their being underweight and underfed.

What's even more appalling, though, is to see the show's budding designers - who are obviously representative of the type of people who run the fashion industry - laughing at seeing these malnourished girls fainting, especially since the only reason these girls are so feeble is just so that they can stay emaciated enough to fit in the designers' tiny, oh-so-creative styles.

It is not natural for girls in their teens and 20s to be collapsing after standing on a runway for a few minutes! How self-absorbed does someone have to be to laugh at seeing enfeebled young girls fainting from starvation? It never even occurs to these designers that maybe these girls are passing out from a dangerous lack of caloric intake - and that there is something really wrong with an industry that allows this to happen.

The fashion industry needs significant reform, and increasing the size of the models would be the most basic and important first step, which would go a long way toward solving many of these problems. But for that to happen, the industry's "leaders" need to become accountable for their actions.
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