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Default Re: Kelsey Olson at Kohl's

Naturally, as an avid Kelsey fan, I've been scouring the Kohl's site constantly to find new images of Miss Olson, and I'm pleased to say that this week's flyer features another image of this fair goddess. The model beside her has a look of her own, but let's face it - Kelsey is THE most gorgeous model in the industry today, and she leaves everyone else in the dust, outshining any other model in the world. As soon as you see this image, your eyes are drawn straight to Kelsey - that gorgeous face, that curvy figure. Also, look at how much joy and energy she puts into the image. Yet still, as someone mentioned earlier, there is no sense of "posing" at all, just a natural, convincing image.

Here's the image in context. Even on a full page, Kelsey stands out as the most stunning, as if she were lit from within. Her beauty is beyond compare.

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