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Originally Posted by HSG
Whereas the West is historically considered a colonizing culture, it has itself been colonized by this alien aesthetic from an outside, foreign source, as surely as this alien standard is colonizing the Eastern cultures noted above.

The anorexic standard is just as hostile to traditional Teutonic and Slavonic and Celtic ideals of beauty as it is hostile to African and Indian ideals of beauty. It is as anti-WASP as it is anti-Indian, as anti-white as it is anti-black.

This is counter-intuitive, but very true. As paradoxical as it may seem (given that its centres are in Western cities), the modern media has colonized the West as surely as it has colonized the East. The media's origins are alien to all of these traditional, rooted cultures. It's the cultural equivalent of an invasive species.

What Vogue is pushing is as opposite to historic European ideals of beauty as it is opposite to historic African ideals of beauty. Traditional German or Irish or Italian beauty would be closer to traditional African proportions than to what Hollywood enforces.

Usually, colonizing is something that is presented as happening from West to East. But in this case, Old World culture and its American extension is actually the victim of this colonizing force, not the perpetrator.
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