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No question about it- today's fashion standard is as antithetical to the West and its beauty tradition as it is hostile to the heritage and traditions of other nations and peoples.

In a nutshell: it's Hollywoodism versus traditionalism.

Originally Posted by HSG
Today, just as these Eastern cultures are setting themselves in opposition to the modern media's imposition of this emaciated standard of appearance as a foreign intrusion, so should each of us of European heritage, each of us who is the product of a Western culture, set ourselves against it as well, as an unwanted, alien, colonizing force.

If the renewed appreciation of the curvier female form can reawaken an African or Indian consciousness, so too can a renewed appreciation of the curvier female form reawaken a Germanic or Anglo-Saxon or Greek consciousness.

This is a hopeful thought. It reminds me of some of the passages in the Kelsey Olson profile, where Kelsey mentioned her Danish/Germanic ethnicity in Part Two,

and the discussion in Part Three of how curves are traditional to Nordic peoples.

In America, media culture has long tried to erase people's Old World identities, and to have them reinvent themselves as rootless parts of a political collective. But if those of us of European descent were to reconnect to our heritage, we would feel better about womanly curves. We would recognize them as something that is in our DNA, something that distinguishes us, something that is part of our own beauty tradition- something that is distinctively ours, in contrast to which the warped media standard of sexless, starved, unfeminine appearance is foreign and imposed, and should be rejected out of hand.

The Kenyan article quoted in the original post identified how Africans are rejecting media values on the basis that their own indigenous aesthetic is very different. We in the West should do the same, likewise liberating ourselves and rediscovering our own ethnic traditions, values, and cultures.
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