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Default Re: Twelfth Anniversary

I'm so glad that this issue has been brought up. When looking at Western art, one understands that the modern aesthetic has nothing to do with any Old World ideals, European or otherwise. The protracted assault on culture really is rather scary, a destructive agenda born from the minds of radical and debased thinkers.

The alien aesthetic was something that proliferated in 20th century. It was born out of discontent with the then-current culture and authority and all that it stood for. It was against royalty and nobility, against the old values that had built civilizations in the past, and against all that is beautiful. The dissolute new elites that created this inhuman aesthetic came to actively hate everything Western culture stood for: its great works of art were slandered as irrelevant or "kitschy," its literature as dominated by "dead white men" who no longer mattered or had anything important to impart to modern culture (whereas nothing could be further from the truth).

Among the casualties of this assault on tradition was the universal aesthetic of feminine beauty. The natural was done away with for the unnatural, for Dadaism, brutalism, and other modern styles that were not based on anything of substance, as the art of the past had been, but manufactured from the minds of people who were looking to re-engineer the culture around them, and to warp everyone else's tastes to resemble their own.

Fashion and women's bodies were also made over. Beginning in the 1920s, women began dressing like men and cutting off all their hair to look boyish. Their bodies were now required to look like men's bodies in order to be "fashionable." Of course this didn't happen overnight, but the slow and steady erosion of older ideals led to the travesty that we see now - ugly art dominating the cultural scene, ugly architecture, horrendous music, and a fashion industry that has nearly destroyed the natural idea that women are supposed to be curvaceous.

We all know what type of men this idea caters to. They have been quite busy for generations destroying Western culture and ideals, and then exporting their degenerate taste around the world to poison everyone else's culture as well.

Thankfully, there are those who have chosen to think for themselves and have rejected this aesthetic. That is why this site is so important. With it, I hope, will follow a new renaissance, not only in fashion and in how women see themselves, but in art and music and architecture as well.
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