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Default Re: Nine in 10 girls pressued to starve (article)

This important thread features some of the year's most significant discussions regarding body image.

Maureen and Meredith indicate what is particularly insidious about current "weight epidemic" propaganda:

Originally Posted by Maureen
The diet-medical industrial complex is continuously making over natural traits and phenomena (e.g., "cellulite") as pathologies that can only be cured by products made and marketed by the same diet-medical industrial complex.

The pathologizing of certain weight categories is growing
Originally Posted by Meredith
The diet-exercise and starvation-torture industries are bringing up generations of victims who will be enslaved to those industries' products, when there is nothing wrong with them in the first place.

That these industries are fuelling body dissatisfaction for profit is appalling enough on its own, if hardly surprising. This is typical, predatory, corporatist behaviour. (The tobacco industry has historically been just as pernicious.) The problem is not the "free market" per se, for, like all things in this world, there are good elements and bad elements in capitalism, and the starvation/torture industries are the worst offenders of all.

However, as Graham notes, the fact that the government is now fuelling this weight hysteria is an especially insidious development. The current U.S. administration did not originate this pernicious agenda, but it has egregiously amplified it, to the point that not only is it now a blatant assault on civil liberties, but also tantamount to state-sanctioned child abuse.

One would have to go back to the communist governments of the Soviet Bloc to find comparably malevolent examples of social engineering.

The government is supposed to be protecting the public from predatory industries like the starvation/torture conglomerates, not pushing their toxic agenda. It is supposed to be curbing their socially harmful practices, not aiding and abetting them.

Good government action would comprise banning underweight models and regulating the pro-anorexia fashion industry. Instead, the state is doing the opposite and mandating child starvation. It is uncritically accepting the diet/exercise industry's phony research postulating a weight "epidemic" (research that the industry bought and paid for, and is absolute rubbish), instead of independently scrutinizing this junk science and tearing it apart as a fiction that has been trumped up merely to justify weight-shame profiteering.

When nine out of ten young girls have been brainwashed into depriving themselves of food, as the article that Chad posted indicates, that constitutes a crisis; that is a genuine epidemic. That is what the government should be trying to curb, instead of doing the opposite and monstrously augmenting the problem.

A sufficient analogy for this Orwellian scenario is hard to conceive. It would be as if, during the Gulf oil spill, the government had not only left BP free to contaminate the ocean as much as it wished, but actually opened up a new uncapped well of its own, to spill even more poison into the Gulf.

In the face of all of this, Penelope Cruz's remarks indicate the only sane solution, and identify what actions the government should be taking. Instead of instituting programs to teach young girls to hate their bodies, and creating generations of new customers for starvation/torture companies (which it is currently doing), the government should be closing down every teenage magazine that pushes young girls to diet (which would be every magazine currently in print). It should only allow those magazines to remain in print that immediately stop pushing starvation/torture, start featuring naturally full-figured models size 14 or better, and, as Kaitlynn suggested, run content that encourages girls to happily eat whatever they want and as much as they want.

Lovely Valerie Lefkowitz (Wilhelmina, size 14) adopting an "angelic" pose, exhibiting an attractive swell of roundness at her abdomen.

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