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Default Re: ''Maximalism'' for 2011

Thank you for such a wonderful post and interesting articles, Emily. More and more people are beginning to turn from the boring, ugly modernist styles and look to the past for beauty in design. Not only are old homes being renovated to restore their former glory, but new homes are also being built as testaments to the grandeur of the past.

The steampunk trend in design is an encouraging one. Often, a problem with designing new homes in old ways is that there are so many modern pieces of technology that have only been designed in ultra-modern ways so far. Steampunk takes these technological items and re-imagines them as they would have looked like in the Victorian era. Pieces such as this Victorian-era laptop conjure a world where even the most mundane or hi-tech of items are built in a beautiful, antique manner.

Pair that with the increasing trend towards New Victorianism in design and we're well on the path to aesthetic restoration.
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