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Default Re: Rosie Mercado in the Old West

These, and the two blue-dress photos that were part of this series, are by far the most beautiful images of Rosie I have ever seen. She is so gorgeous, so exciting, so empowering. I love the fact that she is keeping her sumptuous figure and isnt diminishing herself.

Also, unlike other models who are curvier than the standard plus-size models, Rosie has amazing talent as a model. Her poses and expressions are are professional as those of any of the top models in the industry.

I found versions of two of the images in this thread that are larger than the source. First, this picture is not only bigger in dimensions, but it even includes more of her rounded midsection. She is so luscious.

And here is a larger version of her "heavenly" photo, with her radiant expression. Her arms and shoulders are so soft, and her figure is so opulent. The dress looks fantastic on her - much more appealing than it would on a skinnier model.

Whereas many of the plus-size models in the industry are pretty, but not curvy enough to be truly subversive, Rosie is lush and full. She is breaking the rules, changing minds, and winning hearts. Her relationship to the plus-size industry is like that of plus-size models to straight-size fashion: striking a blow for curvier women and winning them a place of their own. She could change the industry for the better, and hopefully show clients that they could and should be using fuller-figured girls in their promotions.
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