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Default Re: Justine Legault: Soft and gentle

Justine's German agency, Model Team in Hamburg, has added two photos that appear to be from her Jean Valade test.

Like the previous examples from this shoot, these images are marvellous studies in tranquility. Looking at them evokes a soothing sensation. The model's light-teal top complements her blue-green eyes. The fair skin, pink lips, and golden hair blend together in a gentle mixture of pastel hues. The dash of eyeshadow draws attention to the model's eyes. Her gaze is direct and thoughtful, but not unpleasantly assertive. Even her tresses seem relaxed and flowing. Her complexion is so radiant, it seems lit from within.

Click to enlarge

The other headshot draws even closer. Her tresses seem fairer--truly the colour of spun gold. But the real magic in this picture is in the appearance of the model's eyes. They seem almost three dimensional--crystalline glass shaped into perfect spheres. So vivid, yet, with their aquamarine hue, so serene and placid.

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Among European agencies, in addition to Model Team, Justine is now also signed with Model Management UK. Absurdly, though, she is the curviest girl on both agencies' plus boards. At a mere U.S. size 14 (U.K. sizes run two numbers larger), Justine's figure should represent the minimum possible dimensions for a plus-size model, and every other girl on either board should have her proportions at least, or be larger. This is a testament to the lunacy of plus-size modelling in Britain and Germany, where faux-plus tyranny still dominates.

Nevertheless, the fact that Mlle Legault earned a place with both agencies despite their incomprehensible size restrictions is a testament to her all-conquering beauty. Hopefully, in the future, both boards will start representing bigger girls.

(Click images to view larger.)

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