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Default Re: Dancing around the issue

Originally Posted by HSG
And whenever plus-size supermodels shrink down to straight-size proportions, the outrage over their selling out becomes a cynically bankable "controversy."

This makes me sick whenever I see it, and it never seems to end. It ends up paradoxically rewarding the models who sell out, because press is what they're after. "No such thing as bad publicity," and all that rubbish.

The solution is simply to condemn the selling out, forcefully and unambiguously, and from then on to ignore the sellout's work completely (after all, they're now just regular skinny models), to deny them the publicity that they're after. And instead, to devote attention to models who don't shrink, who keep their curves, or, better yet, augment them, and who are legitimately full-figured.

Originally Posted by HSG
The following YouTube clip comprises Kailee O'Sullivan's videos for David's Prom from 2007. They show her doing elegant, graceful twirls in her prom gowns, which rather resemble ballet costumes.

Those videos are beautiful. I haven't seen them since back when they first debuted, but I still remember them, just as I remember the lovely screencaps showing Kailee looking so gorgeous in those dresses:
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