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Default Re: Renaissance Fair curves

The Renaissance occasioned the rebirth of Classical learning and a rediscovery of Classical art and aesthetics, so it stands to reason that it continues to inspire an appreciation of full-figured feminine beauty.

When I think back, I remember many interesting posts on this forum that have been related to Renaissance topics. There was Tamika's post, earlier this year, about a Renaissance-themed video game (talk about using modern technology to bring the past to life):

Another post from 2009 described Renaissance fashion and the contemporary love of the fuller figure type:

A piece about the Renaissance love of women with soft, full waists:

Another about a novel that was inspired by Titian's Venus of Urbino:

The original post on Renaissance beauty, discussing Firenzuola's On the Beauty of Women, a Renaissance-era guide to aesthetics which defined the timeless ideal of femininity as being full-figured:

A note on a PBS series about the Medici, the "Godfathers of the Renaissance":

Two Renaissance-themed art exhibits:

And of course, the first of those two, "Art and Love in Renaissance Italy," was the setting for this site's Kailee O'Sullivan interview, "Art and Modelling in New York City":
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