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Default Curvy is the new healthy

Originally Posted by Hannah
many have pointed out that the promotion of diet-starvation and exercise-torture is a "toxic" aesthetic. Now we discover that this is not just a metaphorical formulation - that dieting is literally toxic to the body.

Isn't it (obviously) preferable for women to remain curvy, and even to blossom in size, and retain their youthful soft appearance, rather than starving themselves, looking haggard, and literally poisoning their body in the process?

Over the years, this site has recorded dozens of studies detailing countless reasons why becoming fuller-figured is actually beneficial to women's health, while food deprivation and other forms of figure diminishment are severely detrimental. The causes are numerous, but the conclusions are always the same: weight increase is advantageous to women, while weight loss is severely harmful.

The only dismaying (if predictable) reality is the fact that these medically incontestable studies, which demonstrate the health benefits of female weight gain, are all systematically suppressed by the mass media. Meanwhile, the junk science funded by the starvation/torture industries, which makes the opposite claim and fuels bogus "weight epidemic" hysteria, is touted by every news organization in the world. This double standard represents at best a glaring lack of investigative journalism on the part of the press, a dereliction of duty, and at worst identifies a thin-supremacist media agenda fuelled by curve-o-phobia and crass profiteering. And the people who suffer as a result are, oh, nearly every woman in the Western world.

With these facts in mind, we propose a new, genuinely positive slogan that the plus-size community should adopt:

"Curvy is the new healthy."

* * *

One doesn't even need medical research to conclude that a woman becomes healthier as her figure blossoms with extra fullness. The evidence is right there before one's very eyes. Weight gain is the natural fountain of youth for women, just as weight loss severely accelerates the aging process.

This is why the minus-size fashion industry has resorted to ever-younger girls over the years as their mandated model size has shrunken. The skinnier the models, the more rapidly they lose their looks as they starve themselves into emaciated proportions--so much so that many of the industry's androgynes end up looking gaunt and wizened even before they're out of their teens. But the fashion mavens don't care; they simply discard these poor girls and bring in the next batch to starve into premature haggardness, creating an endless assembly line of used-up famine victims, a workplace abattoir as appalling as the most inhospitable Third World sweatshops.

Plus-size models who starve themselves into faux-plus or straight-size proportions suffer just as acutely--perhaps more so, for their shrinkage is even more extreme. Such horrible diminishment leaves them with harsh, gaunt facial features and hollowed-out frames, which are truly unsightly to look at--even more unattractive than the appearance of girls who were underweight to begin with.

By contrast, observe how a goddess retains her youth if she keeps her sumptuous curves. Barbara Brickner has been one of the industry's most beautiful models for well over a decade, and remains just as gorgeous today as she ever was. This recent headshot published by Campbell, her Texas agency, shows that she still possesses the bewitching feline quality that her fans have always celebrated, that trace of youthful plumpness in the face which keeps her looking vixenish. Neither diet-starvation nor exercise-torture have enabled her to retain her looks. (In fact, those behaviours would have ruined her appearance years ago, if she had engaged in them.) Rather, her self-indulgence has preserved the facial fullness that is indispensable to beauty.

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And as this current Bon-Ton image of Barbara modelling a Calvin Klein sleeveless dress shows, her curves are still very much in place, from her buxom voluptuousness to her soft limbs to her full, shapely legs. No artificial procedures or injections of foreign matter could have done for her what a hearty appetite has done--maintain her youthful beauty.

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It is simply incomprehensible why any woman would ever starve or torture herself into a lesser size, when soft fullness is both medically essential for health and aesthetically necessary for beauty. Moreover, nature has given women sensations of overwhelming pleasure when they indulge freely, signalling to them the beneficial aspects of eating whatever they want, and as much as they want.

As Nietzsche (who was right about everything) says so well, "There is more reason in your body than in your best wisdom." It is high time for women to stop letting themselves be brainwashed by the thin-supremacist media, which profits by peddling misery, and to start enjoying the pleasures that they are entitled to, and to acquire the beauty that is theirs for the taking.

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