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Default Crystal Renn: Opulence in Italy

Over the past several seasons, Crystal Renn has appeared in numerous magazine editorials, but her finest layout--at least since the celebrated bridal-wear spread that launched her plus career--is an eight-page story published in the November 2005 issue of Italian Vanity Fair.

The editorial bears the extremely appropriate title, "Femme Fatale"--and with good reason, for no man could fail to be seduced by the sight of a full-figured goddess dressed in such an opulently feminine manner.

What makes the editorial all the more captivating is the fact that Miss Renn is shown languishing most sensually in the images, her voluptuous lassitude harmonizing perfectly with the intoxicating richness of the accessories and furnishings.

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Note the caption at the top-left corner of the image--"VanityStyle Moda"--which is extremely fitting, inasmuch as this layout persuasively demonstrates the irresistible allure of unbridled feminine vanity.

The following is undoubtedly the standout image from this layout. Like an empress, Crystal is shown here absolutely bedecked with jewellery. She rests heavily on a plush, yielding sofa--obviously of great expense--as if the very weight of her ornaments were compelling her to recline. Note that a furred covering is spread out between Crystal and the cushion, as if the fabric beneath were still insufficiently soft for her. (One thinks of the fairy-tale of the Princess and the Pea.) The model's attire is actually quite revealing (although the viewer catches only a tantalizing glimpse of her figure), and one barely perceives where the jewels end, and the clothing begins. Intoxicating settings such as these are Miss Renn's specialty, and she exhibits an appropriately satiated demeanour, reveling in her possessions, scarcely conscious of the viewer's gaze.

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(You may click on each of the images in this post to view them at a larger size.)

The next picture is even more passionate, showing Crystal almost dissolving into the watery coverings of this opulent bed. It is an image of the most exquisite langour, heady in its intimacy. Note the serpentine bracelet around Crystal's wrist--an eternal symbol of temptation--and the sheer size of that magnificent ring. Has she seduced kings and princes to obtain such a profusion of worldly splendour, the viewer wonders? Or has she now herself been seduced by the need for more, always more? The furred wrap seems to enfold her gently, and her expression is one of pure abandon. The soft fullness of the model's arm and waist contribute to the image's overall impression of full-blown decadence.

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And although the attire in the following image is less captivating than elsewhere in this layout, the medallion and earrings are especially eye-catching. Once again, Crystal wears a dreamy, faraway look, as if, having been given so much, she still yearns for more. The gently parted lips and lidded eyes also show the virtuosity of the cosmetics artists's work. The makeup is suitably rich and elaborate, and, like the hairstyle, possess a touch of wildness, but remains elegant as well.

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This stunning and unforgettable layout perfectly exemplifies the lavish aesthetic that suits plus-size beauty best. No waif could ever convey the impression of sumptuousness that the theme of the editorial required. All of the elements in this shoot, from the photography to the apparel to the accessories to the hair and make-up, are in perfect harmony, and the result is an artistic tour-de-force. It is surely one of the high points of Crystal's career, and a remarkable presentation of timeless beauty.

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