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Default Re: Dancing around the issue

Originally Posted by HSG
To support this claim, notice how he shifts the agency from himself to "ballet," as if ballet were a conscious entity.

Ballet does not have a consciousness. Ballet is not a geological phenomenon with fixed properties. There is no Ballet God somewhere imparting divine revelations to critics. Rather, there is just a small cadre of size bigots who impose their warped tastes on the rest of society.

This is a ruse that size-celebration advocates know all too well. It is exactly akin to when designers make ridiculous claims that "Fashion requires emaciated models" because "clothes look better on skeletal frames." Rubbish. Fashion requires nothing of the sort. Fashion is not a person sitting in a room making decisions. They are -- individual, prejudiced designers.

Clothes only look "better" on skinny waifs to those individuals who can't stand the sight of curves on the first place. To those who love womanly contours, who adore visible fullness, clothes look better on women with flesh and substance. That's why the industry needs more people with pro-curvy tastes.

The same is true for ballet.
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