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Originally Posted by HSG
In essence, the traditional love of soft, feminine beauty is something nationalistic and ethnic and essential, versus the modern media's preference for the toned, underfed look, which is alien and rootless, something monolithically internationalist and soullessly cosmopolitan. The androgynous standard is a parasite, a foreign invader that is corrupting our culture.

It is time for a worldwide rejection of this New World Order of ugliness, this One World Government of guilt-aesthetics. It is time for every ethnicity and culture to rediscover its essential, historic preference for unapologetically luscious womanliness and to champion it, even in the face of the modern media onslaught.

Very true. All it takes is a glance at the history of Western art to recognize that the true "Western ideal of beauty" is curvaceous and full-figured -- what we would today call plus-size beauty:

Whatever standard the media is pushing, it is certainly not a "Western ideal." The Western ideal of femininity was always the exact opposite of androgynous emaciation.

I have to say, I sometimes envy other geographically removed cultures the fact that they can easily define themselves against the media and recognize it as something foreign, an invasive force that is trying to impose an unwanted, unnatural standard. It's easier for other cultures to recognize the media as a definable "other." For us here in the West, doing so is much more difficult, because the weed has grown in our own soil. We have to recognize it as a kind of fifth column, a traitor in our midst, a parasite that is choking the life out of the host organism -- i.e., Western culture, which was once so healthy and robust (as the full-figured female ideal indicated), and has now become so warped and ill (for which the starvation standard is a perfect metaphor).

We have been colonized from within.

But I truly believe that if those of us of European heritage were to rediscover our own beauty tradition and reject the alien, unnatural influence of the mass media among us, just as the Indian and African peoples are endeavouring to do, then our culture would bloom again and regain its historic vitality.
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