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Default Re: Underweight imagery malforms girls' DNA (study)

The revelations in this article are truly horrifying. They take the crisis of eating disorders to a whole new level, and demonstrate the media's culpability as never before.

In the first section of the article, Dr. Sigman exposes the entire print and television media (to say nothing of minus-size fashion) as one giant pro-anorexia industry. His arguments are irrefutable.

He explains how people's natural alarm at obvious signs of physical illness (an emaciated figure and gaunt features) has been dulled through the sheer visual ubiquity of these characteristics in the media, so that the public no longer even recognizes these abnormal features as indicating ill health.

(An analogy to this is as follows: if one lived in a world of plague victims, one would mistake bubonic pustules for normal parts of the body, despite the fact that they actually indicate terminal disease.)

By contrast, the visible signs of health (plump facial features and a soft, full, rounded figure) have been practically erased from visual consciousness. They are only seen in negative contexts (e.g., on "weight-loss shows"), where they are maligned as the opposite of what they are--as examples of "over"weight bodies.

What the media has done, in short, is normalized illness and abnormalized health.

But the full scope of the problem is even greater, because the media has not only glamourized a malnourished appearance but mandated it, so that all women in the public eye are forced to look ill and underweight.

The result of this, as Dr. Sigman indicates, is that young women are brainwashed into starving themselves to emulate the famine victims whom they see on TV and in magazines.

Appallingly, girls have been taught to covet the appearance of illness, to scorn their naturally healthy inclinations to eat in abundance, and instead to desire a cadaverous look.

Not only is this phenomenon terrifying in principle, but the eating-disorder statistics that the doctor cites indicate that the problem is widespread and burgeoning.

And yet this entire crisis is being ignored by the media. Amazingly, a real health epidemic (female self-imposed starvation) is being ignored, while a false epidemic (the mythical weight "problem" that the diet industry has fabricated) is being trumpeted at every turn.

The scale of irresponsibility here, on the part of the media, is as breathtaking as it is scandalous.

* * *

But that isn't even the worst part. The doctor's second point is altogether new, and one that we have never heard before. It immediately takes priority over every other argument against our culture's promotion of androgynous emaciation:

Originally Posted by Meredith
Exposure to these images literally damages girls at the genetic level. It deforms their DNA.

The fashion/media discrimination against larger female bodies is more than a political affront. It is damaging the very genetic fabric of the human race.

A more frightening scenario is impossible to imagine. If eating disorders were simply harming young women psychologically (as they are), that would already represent an urgent crisis.

But to be changing how genes function, to be disturbing human DNA . . . the mind reels.

Given enough time and treatment, many psychological illnesses are treatable. But if the unnatural, androgynous standard is absorbed by girls at the genetic level, at the level of their DNA, then it can never be expunged.

Think about it: girls who are thus afflicted become genetically incapable of recognizing the true appearance of health (i.e., full-figured beauty). Their minds are forever biologically warped, with potentially fatal skinniness as the only manner of appearance that their physiology can accept.

It is like acquiring a genetic predisposition to suicide, a physiological craving for arsenic, a desire to die codified in one's DNA.

We have said before that no matter how badly a girl's mind might be warped by the thin-supremacist culture, at least her body will always rebel and will crave food, knowing intuitively that its greatest health resides in being full-figured. But such an altering of the female biological makeup would take away even this survival instinct.

No wonder so many young women cannot recognize true beauty (plus-size beauty), and instead are drawn to the corpse-like appearance of models and actresses. Their minds have been genetically reprogrammed into an unnatural state.

This is a Frankenstein-like horror, all the more terrifying because it is a grim reality.

And still, with a revelation so explosive as that which Dr. Sigman has provided, this information is still being suppressed by the mass media, still being studiously ignored by an industry whose members are so pathologically committed to their degenerate, alien ideal of female appearance that they would rather see women genetically warped than put an end to their toxic standard.

As Meredith so correctly affirms:

Originally Posted by Meredith
Fashion and the media MUST stop foisting an anorexic standard on society, and MUST begin showcasing plus-size female bodies. The very building blocks of humanity depend on it.
Amanda Smith (42-37-44), new model at Ford Arizona, size 16:

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