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Default Re: Dancing around the issue

This is an issue that is near and dear to my heart. I am a former dancer who was always too f** to dance. However, that just meant that at 5'4" I weighed between a mere 118 and 132. I wore a size 6 to 8 in those days, and it was still never thin enough. It was one of the saddest realizations of my life, and one reason I abandoned dance at age 18, after 15 years in the studio. I figured I could not be as skeletal as required by the Balanchine-loving choreographers, and decided to pursue a career that was not necessarily tied to any one body type.

However, this Christmas Eve I am on the verge of getting a new job with a contemporary ballet company that hires non-traditional body types. This is a good start.

I just really, really wish that dance could just, and an expression of feeling well in one's body, no matter what the size.
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